Symbiosis of Gardens and Industrial Agglomerations in New Jersey

NJ is divided into three regions: North, Central and South Jersey. Sights of the state are scattered throughout its territory; therefore, tourists will have to spend a lot of time to explore them all. Most places of interest are concentrated on the east coast of the state.

Interstate is a landscape park located north of Newark, it is a favorite vacation spot of the wealthy native Americans. However, it also attracts foreign tourists. According to the most modest statistics, it is visited annually by more than 7 million visitors.

Moving south of the state, be sure to visit Atlantic City, along with Las Vegas this place is the only gambling haven on land, which is legally valid in the United States. In no case can you ignore Princeton - a charming town, which houses the famous Princeton University. There is also a house-museum of Einstein. In addition, the battle between the armies of George Washington and the British Army occurred on these lands in 1777.

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