State Maryland with Splendid Resort Zones

Western Maryland, in its mountainous part, offers superb ski resorts for all visitors.

The capital of the state is Annapolis. Annapolis is also called “sailing capital of America”. Now it is a quiet place with well-preserved buildings of 18-19 centuries.

Baltimore is the largest city in the state and its port. The trademark of Baltimore and its pride is Inner Harbor. A flotilla of ships is moored at the pier, which are open for tours. But the harbor is interesting, first of all, for the shopping and entertainment area of ​​the city with the main attractions. The docks and streets around the harbor are filled with museums, restaurants and shops.

Be sure to visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore. For 30 USD you will see the show with the dolphins, admire the huge (10 thousand species) collection of fish, jellyfish, and seashells. From the harbor by water taxi you can reach the Italian district of Baltimore Little Italy. That is still the home to a large Italian community, and therefore in the restaurants and cafes there you can always taste the authentic Italian cuisine and buy national bagatelle; in addition, the “Little Italy” - one of the safest areas of criminal Baltimore.


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