South Dakota – a Truly American Province

On the territory of the mountain range Black Hills there is perhaps the main nationally recognized curiosity of Midwest - Mount Rushmore, with huge carved bas-relief depicting the founding fathers of American nationhood: the first president George Washington, author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson, the liberator of Negro slaves Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt – a prominent international peacekeeper. The approach to the mountain starts from the Avenue of Flags. Rushmore itself is closed for climbing and protected by members of the complex, although the adjacent rock is very popular with climbers.

On one of the peaks of the sacred Black Hills there is another similar memorial, which half a century ago was the largest piece of art, carved into the rock. The monument is dedicated to the dead Indian chiefs Crazy Horse, the main fighter for the independence of the Lakota tribe. Construction is carried out since 1948, mostly by enthusiasts.

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